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If you are having a problem with a password-protected Excel for Windows .xls file - that is, if you accidentally lost your password or someone blocked your access to your files without giving you the password, Excel Password.com is ready to help. We guarantee that your Excel password will be recovered regardless of its length. We offer you quick, versatile, powerful and reliable password recovery service, with guarantees of complete privacy and full refund in case the job for some reason cannot be completed.

Excel password recovery software is able to recover password-protected Excel spreadsheets (all Excel versions through Excel XP). Password-protected documents created in older Excel versions (through Excel 95) have weaker protection, therefore they take even less time to be recovered.

Excel has a lot of password types: password to open, password to modify, password to protect a workbook or a worksheet... Excel Password Recovery tool is able to recover all these password types. Note that even in modern Excel version the only password hard enough to crack is the open password.

The following information applies to passwords others than open password.

There is a specific note: due to enormous errors in the security system made by Microsoft all these passwords can be recovered instantly but there is no way to find the original password - because each password has infinite number of duplicates. For example, instead of a password, 123, you can use NAFABCdd$ as well as billions of other passwords. All they are exactly the same from Excel's point of view. So Excel Password Recovery will find a password for you, and it will be accepted by Excel but most likely it will differ from the original one.


If you have two passwords in your document - VBA password and any type of Excel password and forgot both of them you need VBA and Excel password recovery modules to recover passwords.

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